Mission Statement

This program uses The Empowerment Game Educational Series and The 13 Laws of Empowerment as spiritual, non-denominational, non-political, culturally neutral models for explaining and interpreting the mystic and spiritual forces at work in the universe. It utilizes the wisdom of the enlightened masters of every era, major religion, psychology and culture. The KOOGE Show uses a variety of media and interactive games to communicate educational strategies and matrixes and sharpen the skills of its players. This series includes:











Training workshops;

Individual and corporate consultations; and

Productions of interactive, educational, instructional and entertaining books/movies/TV Shows/slideshows/videos/DVDs/tapes/CDs.

The KOOGE Show, TEGES and The 13 Laws of Empowerment all flow from the premise that the truth by definition is universal and thus can never is the exclusive captive of any particular group, time, or belief system.   In studying the words, thoughts and ideas of the greatest masters of the ages, I seek to discovered and share the truths, laws, principles of empowerment that have consistently resonated across time, art, culture, religion and knowledge. I have used these laws throughout my work and life to illustrate the power, effectiveness and joy of The Empowerment Game. The Empowerment Game Educational Series (TEGES) is aimed at teaching and providing the tools, skills, attitudes and values that enable the player to empower themselves and:

Do well;

Do good;

Help others;

Promote world peace;

Achieve their dreams (truth, happiness or success); and

Secure power for themselves, while living in harmony with others and the universe, doing the least harm to all. 

The 13 Laws of Empowerment are derived from my study of the universal laws that have been discovered by various masters throughout time, in every culture, in every age of recorded history.  These are the fundamental building blocks of most great religions, philosophies and have guided the characters of great leaders, teachers, civilizations and organizations. The following table illustrates The 13 Laws of Empowerment, the keys to accessing their power and the toxic forces that work to counter, corrupt and enslave the mind.

The KOOGE Show and The Empowerment Game Educational Series aims to aid players in discovering and using The 13 Laws of Empowerment to grow, develop and help themselves and others in their personal struggles for empowerment and enlightenment by advocating, promoting and sharing eclectic models, principles and strategies for: 



Spiritual growth and development;

Inspiring food for the mind and soul;

Bringing, sharing and being the light:

Principle-centered living and decision making:

Effective instructional, management and empowerment tools, matrixes and wisdom of masters to assist the non-violent warriors of and for truth, peace and goodness in their battle against ignorance, intolerance and the monsters of the id, the ego and the superego.

Free Your Mind and let the game begin.

Yours in the Struggle for Empowerment


Producer/Director/Host/Educator/Student/Traveler of The KOOGE Show, The Empowerment Game Educational Series and The 13 Laws of Empowerment.

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